The Meaning of ServiceSpace

js_10 Feb 2004



Welcome to a space of service.  As you read this, stop for a second… for real.  Take a moment to experience and appreciate that you are actually awake and alive.  Look around.  Here you are… in the present moment.  And you are not alone.


We are awaking from a deep-rooted worldview based on a notion of scarcity.  In this worldview, there is not enough food, or love, or happiness to go around.  We live life trying to protect and comfort ourselves from our fears and from the pain of our disconnect.  We build walls; we weave myths; we stress out; we hurt ourselves and others.  We horde and defend, and unknowingly perpetuate a miserable cycle of inequity and isolation.


A new worldview is emerging to take its place – one based on abundance.  As wisdom begins to arise, we realize that we’re all in this together and that there is plenty of food, plenty of love, plenty of happiness for all of us.  To live within such a culture of benevolence would be simply awesome, yet changing such a deep-rooted paradigm is no easy matter.


The road from scarcity to abundance is one paved in service.  This new worldview can only take root as we start to share with each other the experience and comfort of what abundance actually feels like.  To be this change in an oftentimes hostile environment requires great courage and sacrifice.  To create abundance, we must give without seeking a return.  We must still our clamorous egos so that we can hear and respond to the cries of those around us.  We must examine and detangle our own behavior patterns and learn again what it means to be joyful.


Although the shift from self-centered living to a life of service is no easy task, ultimately, it is the beginning of a wholeness and happiness that will continue to grow and reach out toward the infinite.  Abundance, by definition, is overflowing, and the closer we come to embodying it, the closer we come to ourselves becoming limitless.


ServiceSpace is a gift to you. As you use it, strive to maintain the awareness and appreciation of being awake and alive, right here, right now.  And with this awareness, work consciously to share the gift of abundance which is yours to offer.  Whatever course it may take, we send you our blessings for a glorious journey into the heart of service.