Mobile Dentistry: Addressing Needs in Developing Areas


You have tooth decay. Your only options are to: 1) endure prolonged, excruciating pain until your tooth eventually dies, or 2) have your tooth crudely knocked out, without anesthesia. Sounds too horrible to imagine?

Over four billion people lack access to modern dentistry and are forced to live with this nightmare scenario. (is this number accurate?)

Because rotting teeth do not lead to immediate death, oral health is one of the most neglected fields of social aid. Yet, dental disease is the most rampant disease in the world affecting 95% of earth's population.

Most dental problems are easily preventable or treatable, but both cost and access prevent this from happening. The widespread need for basic dental care and education is obvious, and fortunately, there is plenty of volunteer or low-cost interest in providing this care. What is lacking is a simple, innovative, and scalable system in which this exchange can take place.

Here, we will be proposing such a system.