PledgePage UI

4 February 2004







MAIN MENU – change to site menu?





ADMIN MENU/ADMINshould be renamed “Control Panel” or better name – more user-friendly at this level.  “Admin” should be reserved for group administration.


The difference between what is in design and what is in profile is confusing.  These might want to be merged or sorted differently.





·        Layout


·        Default

o       PledgePage is a free service…” – change to ServiceSpace

·        Tabs

o       Doesn’t allow for header image

o       Right links look fine

o       Boxed title looks crude

o       Footer should read “ServiceSpace is a free service of CharityFocus”

o       I like “EDIT: this page |” etc.

·        Tabs 2

o       Preview/Admin/Logout  buttons may block header if full image were used

o       {Edit this page} text should be bold – difficult to see

o       Footer should read “ServiceSpace is a free service of CharityFocus

·        Box



o       The Page Title that shows in the header is awkwardly placed.  Should be bolder and at base.

o       Should read “ServiceSpace is a free service of CharityFocus” – should probably not be on the top.  Probably in footer – needs a footer anyway.

o       The Admin menu should read “EDIT:” or “Control Panel” before the choices.

o       Does not have “file upload”

·        Font

·        Good.


·        Colors

·        “Background contrast” is confusing.  Might want to specify some examples of where it will show up.



Profile - There should be an option to eliminate header completely for those working with frames from their own site.





Menus  - so cool


File Upload - good


Email lists - good