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What Can I Do?
Can You Write? We are now featuring online stories written by people like you who have taken the time to sit down with a homeless person and really listen to their story.
Is your group working to help the homeless? How can we help you?
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Positive change.

From hopeless to hopeful… from careless to careful… from homeless to…

Homeful! is a project of CharityFocus, an all-volunteer organization working to serve wherever and however we can. Many factors contribute to homelessness, but more often than not the lack of “home” extends beyond just a roof over one’s head. This site exists to encourage innovative and heartful solutions to the homelessness in our world. Please join us in bringing warmth, love, and all of our helping hands to bring home back to those who may have lost it.


If our work can help to inspire just one person - perhaps YOU - to go out and MAKE A CONNECTION with a homeless person, then our world will become just a little bit more of a home for us all.


'Help the Homeless'
The next CharityFocus 'Help the Homeless' event is coming soon to San Francisco! Find out more about getting involved.
When Sherlyn Lim, a college student, spent the summer travelling through the east coast, she became aware of the homelessness all around her. And she decided to take action - get college students to capture stories.
Inspiring Signs
Mark had a realization. Lots of homeless people in San Francisco were carrying tired, beat up signs asking for help. Figuring he could improve on their strategy, mark took action, and others are following.